About Us

We are a group of people who like to meditate from all over the world. We come from different professions, some are business owners, sales staff, school teachers, spiritual mentors, coaches, monks, engineers... etc. We used to felt depressed, melancholy, and even wanted to commit suicide because we couldn't get out of the maze of life. Fortunately, meditation is a tool to help us overcome difficulties.
In the maze of life, there is fun, fear, and frustration. When you are afraid of finding a way out, meditation can help you find your direction.
You will stumble in the maze, get hurt and bleed from time to time, or be fascinated by the peculiar flowers and plants on the side of the road and forget to look for an exit. When you can view the entire layout of the maze from a height, you know where to go. If your visual height is high enough, you will find that the original maze is intertwined with your own beliefs, design for yourself, to experience what you want to experience. If the consciousness is going higher and broader, then the maze is just an illusion in your creation.
Our wish is not to teach meditation or discuss what is good or bad.
We hope that you can make good use of this tool to raise your awareness. Only by raising awareness can we see the layout of the maze and find a way out.
Therefore, any tool that can raise your awareness is the method we hope to provide, even a piece of music, a picture, dance, yoga, running, etc.
But if you want to stay at the height of consciousness longer, meditation seems to be the best and most effective tool for raising consciousness so far.
We emphasize that meditation is a tool, not your destination. You use a car to take you to your destination. The car is just a means of transportation. You must know how to drive a car to avoid accidents, but some people are addicted to cars and forget the destination. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a car, but don’t treat your destination as a car.
Different meditations have different functions and effects, so we do not judge good or bad. Different people have different lives, different beliefs, different values, and need different methods of meditation.
So we welcome you. If you have the same passion and want to share how you got out of the labyrinth through meditation, we welcome you to provide your story experience.
If there is a meditation activity, just check the "copyright issue" and we are willing to release it for you for free.
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