How to quickly enter a meditative state during meditation?

  How to quickly enter a meditative state during meditation?
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for a long time, the following attitudes may affect the quality of your meditation and ability to enter a meditative state:
Meditation and mindfulness in stillness is an art, a way to calm your mind, a path, and a sacred time and space to love yourself and your soul, and to connect with God. If you approach meditation with a casual attitude, you may produce casual results. You can view meditation as an art or a path, but do not approach it with a serious or rigid mindset. Instead, approach it with joy and a love for yourself.
It is important to find a comfortable meditation cushion or chair that can be adjusted, as you may need to change positions during meditation. Every person has different leg length and body types, so a one-size-fits-all cushion or chair may not be suitable for everyone. A cushion or chair that is too high, too low, too soft, or too hard may affect your sitting posture and your connection with the earth and your body. Some people may feel that they have overcome these challenges, but cutting off their body's sensations during meditation is not recommended. Once you lose touch with your body, the consequences may surface later in life, such as foot pain, rheumatism, bone spurs, and difficulty sitting.
Recommend an adjustable meditation cushion or meditation sofa.
Adjustable meditation cushion:
Adjustable meditation Sofa:
Adjustable Meditation Chair:
It is recommended to have a fixed time and space for meditation, and if possible, find a space that is not easily disturbed. If it is difficult to find such a space, you can adjust your meditation time to ensure you have enough quiet time. For example, a friend of mine who lived in a small house without space for meditation chose to wake up early or meditate after everyone else had gone to bed.
Preparation before meditation is also important. The following are some suggestions:
Meditation supplies may include water, blankets (for warmth), ventilation, loose clothing, earplugs (if outside noise is a problem), and meditation aids such as incense, essential oils, music, and crystals.
Ultimately, meditation is about being present with yourself in this body, in this awareness, in this space, and being one with it. These are suggestions and insights gained from many years of meditation experience.
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