How many kinds of sit cross-legged positions are there? How to apply?

How many kinds of sit cross-legged positions are there? How to apply?
There are about four popular sit cross-legged positions; 1/4 lotus position, half lotus position, Myanmar sitting cross-legged, full lotus position, each has different functions and applications.

Commonly known as scattered sitting posture (1/4 lotus position). As picture 1.
This posture makes it easy for beginners to sit cross-legged and enter a meditation state.
Regardless of the kind of sitting cross-legged, because the body presents a triangular pyramid shape, this geometric form can best condense the mind and body concentrate energy.
It should be noted that in the 1/4 lotus position, the feet cross at will, so two centers of gravity are formed. Once the body leans forward involuntarily, the weight of the body will be concentrated in these two parts, which will easily cause uncomfortable foot numbness.
This posture is easy to sit, but it is not easy to meditate for a long time.

Picture 1.
Half lotus position
In the half lotus pose, the feet are superimposed on each other to form a surface, so the body weight is easily distributed evenly, the feet are not easy to be numb, and you can sit for a long time.
The precautions for half lotus pose are: if you are used to stacking your left foot and right foot or right foot and left foot, it is best to change it to balance your body posture and energy.
Please study the picture 2A, 2B

picture 2A, 2B

Myanmar sitting cross-legged position
Lay your feet flat, do not cross or overlap, one foot in front, one foot behind, and two feet parallel.
“Myanmar sitting cross-legged posture" is easy to hold the heels press on the bottom chakra, which is very effective for practicing the second chakra (Dantian). Whether it is Taoism starting from the Dantian, Tibetan Buddhism teaches Kundalini Yoga, when the heel pressed the first chakra, the energy will easily concentrate on the second chakra, that you can try.
Please study the picture 3.

picture 3
Full Lotus position.
The Full Lotus posture can concentrate more and stabilize the energy, but it must be practiced to slowly enter the Full Lotus posture. This posture should be paid attention to: women should not practice Full Lotus position during menstruation or pregnancy.
Please study picture 4.

picture 4
And the sit cross-legged posture should be long-lasting, it is best to choose a meditation cushion or meditation chair that suits you, and it is best to choose this cushion or chair can be adjusted the height, because as the sitting time increases, your posture will also change.
The 1/4 lotus, half lotus, Myanmar sitting cross-legged, and full lotus position each Hip and knee height is different. Therefore, it is important to choose a cushion or chair that can adjust the height, otherwise, if the posture changes, if the height cannot be adjusted that is easy to cause foot numbness, than it will become a waste of buying a new cushion or chair.
Don't forget, these postures are all to help you get into concentration, and practice according to the increase in the time you meditate.
The real purpose is how to make meditation a daily habit. When meditation becomes a habit, when you encounter difficulties in life, when you encounter emotional distress, anxiety, and fear... You can calm down through meditation, re-examine people and things, and help you see through the wider world. Field world and make the best choice.

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