What is awakening? Is it possible not to awaken? How to awaken?

What is awakening? Is it possible not to awaken? How to awaken?
Before talking about awakening, let me tell you a story. When Shakyamuni Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, he finally realized enlightenment after 49 days. What did he realize? His first words were, "Wonderful, all sentient beings possess the wisdom and virtue of a Buddha, but because of delusions and attachments, they fail to realize it."
In other words, all sentient beings already possess the essence of a Buddha (awakening), and have been so since beginningless time. However, they are limited, confused, and trapped by their delusions and attachments, unable to see their own Buddha nature. Awakening is like enlightenment, there is no object to be awakened or enlightened, as it has already happened. However, we are limited and trapped by our own delusions and attachments, without even realizing it.
The process of removing our beliefs, habits, and attachments that limit us is the path of awakening. As you continue to let go of your beliefs and attachments, you will discover a greater version of yourself.
This awakening cannot be explained or understood through knowledge and logic alone, just as someone who has never tasted a strawberry will not truly understand what it is, no matter how much language, words, logic, or analysis they use to describe its chemical composition, sweetness, acidity, growth process, etc. Knowing and truly experiencing something are two completely different things. You must personally experience it, shed your fixed beliefs layer by layer, before you can truly see your own nature, and understand the true emptiness and wonder of all things, including yourself. You may even taste true selfless love, witness the great love and wisdom of your own heart, and naturally generate the bodhisattva aspiration.
Before awakening, you only have this body and the people and things in this world, playing and adventuring in this grand game. You may even play different roles in each lifetime. Your perspective, logic, culture, name, color, power, wealth, and emotion may be limited to these. But after awakening, it's not that these things disappear, but that you view them with a "higher consciousness," handling, and even enjoying them differently. After awakening, you will realize that you are both an actor and a director, and you will be amazed that you asked the heavens how this sky could be you. Even the theater is something you built, and some people have not only built theaters on Earth but also on other planets.
You have played the role of perpetrator and victim, and all these roles are ones you have chosen and agreed to play, much like the squid game's Player 1 who jumped down to play. But during the most painful moments, you forgot that this game was of your own making. All of this can only be described through metaphors, but the "higher consciousness" in awakening must be experienced personally, just like tasting the flavor of a strawberry. Otherwise, it will always be someone else's experience, not your own.
Can you choose not to awaken?
Sorry, let me add one more sentence. What does it matter to me?
In 2012, I was a general manager of a foreign group company, managing 5 domestic and international companies with a total revenue of 1 billion dollars. Suddenly, I had to face my father's cancer, business crisis, physical health issues, and changes in family relationships. I blamed the heavens and asked what I had done wrong. Why was this happening to me? I even had suicidal thoughts.
But a force pushed me towards the path of awakening. After constantly peeling away the bindings of my subconscious, I was surprised to discover that my subconscious was not "good enough" and came from my original family. This "not good enough" subconscious drove me to constantly climb higher and strive to be "better." However, this pattern would eventually become imbalanced, leading to the neglect of relationships, family, and health. Instead of knowing what to do to solve these issues, I became "aware" of this pattern and let go of my stubborn beliefs because the formation of this pattern was not right or wrong, good or bad. It was a lesson I needed to learn. When you become aware of the whole pattern, you can choose your desired direction.
Before awakening, you are bound by your patterns and are unaware. After awakening, you can use a "higher consciousness," such as the 5th level of the body, to observe yourself being trapped in the maze you created. From a higher perspective, you can guide yourself out, unless you want to continue playing. But it is still your "freedom" to choose.
Can you choose not to awaken? Of course, but the Earth also has its own consciousness, and it begins to ascend to a higher consciousness, just as a child grows into a teenager. The frequency is increasing, and modern people receive 10,000 times more information per day than people in the Qing dynasty 200 years ago. You cannot hide from it like people did 200 years ago. Pandemics will come, climate change will affect us, wealth disparity will increase, social conflicts will intensify, energy and food will become scarcer... and so on. Everyone wants to live a good life, but these problems are pressing. This is just the beginning. Unless more people ascend to a higher consciousness and choose to live differently, humanity cannot continue to live this way.
How to awaken?
It depends on how much of your attention is focused on yourself.
This direction is very important. Whether you have spirituality or not, read how many scriptures, or even meditate until you reach a state of non-duality, when your attention is outside of yourself, your subconscious "judgment" naturally operates, projecting the illusion of right and wrong, good and bad, various logics and inferences. If you want to break free from this maze, all entrances (and exits) are in yourself.
Returning to yourself, being aware of your thoughts, words, and actions, you will find that they often contradict each other in life. For example, you think about how to get rich, but you speak with fear about the future, and your actions are based on saving money. These three are inconsistent. No matter how many books you read about getting rich or how much money you spend on classes, it is useless to just recite some theories about getting rich. Your thoughts, words, and actions create your world, so you don't know what is happening in your world, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not, and you have to seek guidance from psychics or divination. I have some psychic friends who are still stuck even if they know what to do, and their lives are still like this.
Going deeper into your thoughts and words, you will realize that you often know what to do but don't do it. This is all caused by your subconscious. This comes from the fourth level of the body, where the subconscious experiences everything through feelings. This is also the intention of the soul, but the subconscious affects 95% of our consciousness and can even project that you are a master who knows supernatural powers, heavenly language, and can communicate with spirits, seeming real but difficult to realize. Unless something hits you, you won't notice it. If you have awareness, you can open it and find that you seem to be attracting your own creations. You are not entering into silence or emptiness. Once you become aware, it becomes conscious and you can choose it consciously.
Going deeper, this higher self is not just one, it is a big one. Your higher self and my higher self are the same. You are me and I am you. Then you will find that this world, and even the universe, seems to be projected by our higher self (which is also everyone). Going up (or going deeper), you will increasingly realize that this "I" is so big and vast that it is no longer just the projection of this universe. There are universes beyond the universe, and even a sea of photons. Going up again, movement and stillness, form and emptiness, questions and answers, big self and small self, illusion and reality, all are my self-nature's display. Going up again, there is only existence and existence is everything. Everything is the display of self-nature. Going up again, language fails, and saying something seems to miss the point...
Step into this gate, which is not outside but within yourself, and enter the door of awakening to discover the grandest version of yourself and realize the greatness of your true nature.

From Youtube have two video description about the different level of the body.
Awakened squid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eTFkh9wPBY
Seven selves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcL1OlfCBsc
You can set to English translation in Youtube.

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