Points to Consider When Choosing a Meditation Cushion

Points to Consider When Choosing a Meditation Cushion
Choosing a meditation cushion is important because a good cushion can make meditation more comfortable, which in turn can make it more sustainable. Once you are able to meditate for more than 45 minutes, you will enter a state that cannot be put into words. Let's put aside enlightenment for the time being, but there is plenty of scientific evidence that meditation can promote balance and overall health for the body, mind, and soul. This is why many tech leaders, celebrities, and people who are under high pressure are so passionate about meditation.
However, everyone has a different definition of comfort, which mainly comes from:
1. Everyone has a different body weight:
Too heavy or too light will result in different pressure on the cushion. If a certain hardness of material is too soft for a man weighing over 90kg, it may be too hard for a woman weighing 50kg.

2. Everyone's legs have different lengths and thicknesses:
Men usually have thicker and longer legs, so if the cushion is too low or too soft, it is no different from sitting on a thin blanket. 80% of numbness is caused by the inability to adjust the height.

3. Temperature issues:
It is hot in summer and if it is not ventilated, it is difficult to sit for 15 minutes, not to mention 45 minutes. Long-term sitting can also cause bedsores, so breathability is very important.

4. Visuals:
Modern people pursue taste and style. If the color doesn't match, even a small meditation cushion can ruin the entire home style.

Every day, we accumulate a large amount of emotions from work and these negative emotions cannot be digested by watching TV, eating, resting, exercising, or sleeping. The residual negative emotions and stress will gradually cause problems in our body and eventually affect our decision-making ability. The fastest way to digest these emotional pressures is through meditation. Once you enter the alpha wave for 15 minutes, it is almost equivalent to sleeping for 3 hours. We brush our teeth, take a shower, and sleep. You will buy a toothbrush that suits you, a constant temperature shower, and even a comfortable mattress. Why not choose a good meditation cushion, meditation chair, or even a meditation sofa for your own meditation?
 Based on the above, if you want to choose a meditation cushion, meditation chair, or meditation sofa that suits your comfort, here are some tips:

1. The material of the cushion should be more than 2 kinds, usually soft on the top and hard on the bottom. This way, heavy weights will sink down and be supported by the hard foam, and the soft foam will be sufficient for light weights.​
Quelea meditation cushion
2. Because everyone's legs have different lengths and thicknesses, you must choose a cushion or chair that can adjust the height at any time. If you want to avoid numbness, the hip joint must be about 8-10 cm higher than the knee joint. However, the height requirements vary depending on the sitting posture, such as double lotus, single lotus, or scatter. Therefore, it is best to be able to adjust it at any time, even for family members and children to use.

Quelea meditation cushion
3. What material is the most breathable? The larger and more holes, the more breathable it is because only holes can allow air to flow smoothly without being stuffy.

Quelea meditation cushion
4. Good meditation cushion fabrics should be free of formaldehyde, water-repellent, durable, and if possible, antibacterial. Generally, the high-end fabrics made in Taiwan can meet these requirements.

 Quelea meditation cushion
meditation cushion Quelea
If meditation is one of the best, fastest, and most efficient ways to reduce stress and improve mood, can it be less serious? Can it be more relaxed, happy, and beautiful?
Selecting a suitable meditation cushion is crucial for a comfortable and long-lasting meditation practice. However, everyone's definition of comfort varies due to factors such as body weight, leg length and thickness, temperature, and personal preferences. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cushion with adjustable height, at least two types of materials, good breathability, and high-quality, non-toxic, and durable fabric. By selecting a suitable cushion, one can enjoy the benefits of meditation, including reducing stress and promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is essential to prioritize one's comfort and enjoyment during the meditation practice to create a more harmonious and positive life.

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